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Book & Songs by Nerris Nevarez-Nassiri
Musical Arrangements by Jonathon Lynch


The Jingle Writer


"The Jingle Writer" follows Javier, a struggling pianist balancing career challenges and strained family ties with his hardworking mother Dolores. Through volunteering at a senior center, Javier forms a meaningful bond with Ambrose, an elderly resident, and finds solace in teaching music. As Javier reconciles with his mother and embraces his role as a music teacher at the center, the story highlights themes of family dynamics, self-discovery, and the transformative power of human connection and music.


Cast Size

8+ (2m, 3f, 3-6 Ensemble)


20 Min.


An apartment and a senior center.




Self-acceptance, family dynamics, mental health and depression, search for purpose, resilience and hope

Target Audience

Ages 13+


Contemporary Musical



Additional Resources



Some swearing and use of a slur.

Casting Information

  • DOLORES: Female-identifying. 40s-50s. Javiers mother. Hardworking, snappy, tries her best. 

  • JANET: Female-identifying. 50s. Manager of the senior center. 

  • AMBROSE: Female-identifying. A lonely, kindhearted resident of the senior center. Plays some light piano.

  • LUIS: Male-identifying. 40s. Javier’s machismo father. 

  • JAVIER: Male-identifying. 20s. Soft-spoken, a skilled pianist.

  • ENSEMBLE: 3-6 seniors of all genders


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Casting & Songs


Production History

Production History
Author's Bios

Author Bios

Illustrated Mountains

NERRIS NEVAREZ NASSIRI is a writer of movies, musicals, and movie-musicals. His current work, “Key Change” is a movie-musical currently under co-development with Frapart Muse and Khrisp Entertainment. Previously, Nerris wrote the script and songs to the musical “No Te Olvides” (Fellowship Winner, The Black List; Semifinalist, Austin Film Festival; Quarterfinalist, Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting). He also wrote the feature film “Mo’allem” (Finalist, Austin Film Festival, Stowe Story Labs). Nerris aims to tell stories that shine a spotlight on his mixed Latine and MENA upbringing. He’s a proud graduate of the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.

Find more of his work at

Illustrated Mountains

JONATHON LYNCH wrote “The Baroque Cycle” (best score nominee & best singer winner, Winterfest NY), and “The Turing Test” (Gallery Players), and composed “The Carousel of Inevitability and Certain Foreboding” (fellowship winner, NYPL Performing Arts Library), “Again and Again and Again” (development award winner, Unsung Musicals Co), “Time Travel Makes Complete Sense” & “RansomWHERE?!” (Lincoln Center), and “Slam!” (TheatreNow NY). He's also the composer of “NewB” (award- winning webseries), “Elimination” (video game), and “Canta! Songs for Learning Spanish” (album). His podcast, "Bite-Sized Broadway", which won multiple awards in its inaugural season, showcases mini-musicals of new musical writers. He also music directed “Micro-face”(NPR), assistant music directed “Finding Neverland” (pre-Broadway workshop); music directed, dance arranged, and was on-stage trumpeter of “The City Club” (Minetta Lane); and music directed & arranged “Giant Hoax” (Theatre Row). A BMI Workshop & Northwestern Alum, he's a music director at AMDA & 92NY.

For more information go to

Illustrated Mountains
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