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Theatre Now New York is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.



Theatre Now is an artist service organization dedicated to the development, production, publication, and circulation of short and long-form musicals, by providing ongoing support for writers and their work in order to nurture voices and forms that push the boundaries of musical theatre. 

Theatre Now bridges the gap between early readings and fully-produced theatrical runs by offering staged and performed developmental productions to pieces that are ready to live on their feet. We strive for continuity and growth in our production process by collaborating with artists on story development through song and dialogue, and focusing on their prospective audience. Theatre Now furthers the visibility of our alumni writers with opportunities for networking, publication, and future production. In addition, we embrace musical properties we’ve produced as their theatrical licensor, offering them for productions in schools, colleges, communities, and other theatre venues across the country. By providing the support for rising artists and original forms to thrive, we entice unexpected audiences to experience the emerging voices of musical theatre.


Annual Festival of 10-Minute Musicals


SOUND BITES, now in its seventh year, is an Annual 10-Minute Musical Festival, which showcases eight 10-minute musicals, all in one evening. Any 10-minute piece that can be performed, has beginning, middle, and end story arch, and includes music qualifies! SOUND BITES offers an opportunity for talented musical theatre writers, composers, and lyricists to showcase their work in front of audiences and industry professionals. Through an open submission process, Theatre Now New York selects eight finalists for presentation in New York City each spring. During the first three years, SOUND BITES was held at The 47th Street Theatre. SOUND BITES 4.0 & 5.0 was presented at the Irene Diamond Stage at the Pershing Square Signature Center, and 6.0 was presented at Merkin Hall at Kaufman Music Center.


It has become an annual event, now entering its seventh year, and continues not only to grow larger each year, but also to provide musical theatre writers with much needed opportunities to develop their work through performance.


New Musicals & Plays Presented in Rotating Repertory Style:

A New Model of Artist & Audience Development

The Future of Theatre is Now! is TNNY’s newest program designed to get new plays and musicals up on their feet as fully staged productions where they can be seen by live audiences.

In Fall 2017, TNNY produced three full musicals in rotating repertory at the West End Theatre. The musicals were chosen from submissions received by SOUND BITES alumni, allowing us to continue to support and build relationships with these writers.

In order to facilitate the development and production of as many new plays and musicals as possible, TNNY will produce two to three new full length works during each three-week slot in rotating repertory. This will allow each production to have a total of 9 to 15 performances (3 to 5 performances per week of each show).

In addition to providing more opportunities for more writers, the rotating repertory schedule supports the developmental process by giving each show time off between performances to make revisions and changes that can be incorporated, with rehearsal, into the next performance.


Theatre Now New York is a professional, non-profit theatre company whose history originates with two established companies — the Genesius Theatre Guild in New York City and ReVision Theatre in Asbury Park, NJ. Theatre Now New York brings together the founding principles of both these companies: developmental work and mainstage theatrical productions. It was founded in 2013 by Thomas Morrissey along with Julie Marino and Stephen Bishop Seely, all three of had worked together for many years at The Genesius Theatre Guild and ReVision Theatre.