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Book & Lyrics by
Joan Saltzman
Book & Music by
Andrew Underberg


Pigeons Mate For Life


In a whimsical tale, Jane, unlucky in love, finds solace in her charming pigeon, Santino. When she meets Max at the Philly Pigeon Phanciers Club, their shared passion for pigeons leads to a budding romance, challenging them to learn from their feathered friends and give love another chance despite their differences.


Cast Size

4 (2m, 2f)*


10 Min.


Various locations in and around Philadelphia. The present.


Romantic Comedy


Relationships, Love, Cooperation, Commitment, Animals, Companionship

Target Audience

Appropriate for all audiences


Musical Theater, Pop and a hint of Irish Folk



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Casting Information

  • MAX: Male-identifying. He has trouble with relationships, has a female pigeon, Bernadette, and attempts a relationship with Jane.

  • JANE: Female-identifying. She’s unlucky in love, has a male pigeon companion, Santino, meets an eligible guy, Max, and embarks on a relationship with him.

  • SANTINO: Male-identifying. He’s Jane’s charming pigeon who falls in love with Bernadette, Max’s pigeon, and mates with her for life.

  • BERNADETTE: Female-identifying. She’s Max’s pigeon who has been in mourning for her pigeon-companion, Mandy, falls in love with Santino and mates with him for life.

*The Jane and Max characters can be of any age over the mid-20’s; the pigeons can be any age over 13.


00:00 / 02:58
Something In Common
00:00 / 02:09
Pigeons Mate For Life
00:00 / 02:42
Try Again
00:00 / 02:23
Casting & Songs


Production History

Pigeons Mate for Life premiered at Merkin Hall, NYC, on May 23, 2022 as part of Sound Bites 7.0, one of nine ten-minute musicals, and was voted Audience Favorite.


Book: Joan Saltzman and Andrew Underberg

Lyrics: Joan Saltzman

Music: Andrew Underberg

Director and Choreographer: Brendan Stackhouse

Music Director: Jeremy Jacobs

Design: Brendan McCann


Jane: Mason Van Gieson

Santino: Nicholas Kraft

Max: Patrick Howard

Bernadette: Grace E. McLaughlin

Production History
Author's Bios

Author Bios

Illustrated Mountains

JOAN SALTZMAN’s hero is Oscar Hammerstein, II, the lyricist and librettist. Joan is the lyricist and co-book writer of “Pigeons Mate for Life” which was presented in May 2022 at Merkin Hall along with eight other 10-minute musicals as part of Sound Bites 7.0, and was voted Audience Favorite. Her plays include Carefully Taught, Mothers and Cohn- Trump. She is the staff dramaturg at the Mauckingbird Theatre Company. Joan is grateful to Adam Gwon, her phenomenal lyrics teacher, to Andrew Underberg, her very generous and supremely talented collaborator, who makes her words sing, to everyone at Theatre Now New York, to pigeons, and to her wonderful friends, all of whom, except maybe the pigeons, have been spectacularly supportive of her second act. Andrew and Joan are working with Phillip Christian Smith on a full-length musical comedy about age discrimination.

Illustrated Mountains

ANDREW UNDERBERG is an Emmy-nominated songwriter, composer, and producer. He has written and produced songs for television, film, theme parks, and K-pop artists. Recent projects include Hailey's On It (Disney Channel), Baby Shark’s Big Movie (Nickelodeon), and Hazbin Hotel (A24).

Illustrated Mountains
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