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Book & Lyrics by
Jack Feldstein
Music & Lyrics by
Benjamin Ward

Contemporary Drama



A Clown and a Bearded Lady yearn to run away from the circus they work in and be just like everybody else: Ordinary.


Cast Size

2 (1f, 1m)


10 Min.


A Circus.




Dreams, Underdog, Friendship

Target Audience

Appropriate for All Audiences


Musical Theatre



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Casting Information

  • CLOWN - A male in a clown suit and red nose. 

  • BEARDED LADY - A female with a beard.


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Casting & Songs


Production History

Production History
Author's Bios

Author Bios

Illustrated Mountains

JACK FELDSTEIN is an award-winning writer and neon animation filmmaker. His almost thirty neon animation films, including The Ecstasy of Gary Green, The Adventures of James Joyce and A Wondrous Film about Emma Brooks have screened worldwide from Lincoln Center and NY's Angelika Cinema to Rotterdam International Film Festival and Sydney International Film Festival. As a writer, his playscripts including A House Like Any Other, The Confessions of Peter McDowell and The Process have won prizes in Australia, Britain and the USA. His playscript of Three Months with Pook was a finalist in the BBC International Play Competition. His plays have been staged with many productions in Australia, New York and all over the USA. Falling in Love with Mr Dellamort, his musical was produced in NYC in December 2017 at The Slipper Room. And subsequently in 2021 was created as an audio event with Tony-award winning Broadway performers for Spotify, itunes, Audible and every audio platform. Originally from Australia, he lives in New York City and developed many of his plays at Workshop Theater in Midtown where he was an artist member.

Illustrated Mountains

BENJAMIN WARD is a Sydney-based vocalist, pianist, musical director and composer. Born into a family of musicians, Benjamin’s love affair with music began at age three, when he sat down at his mother’s piano and taught himself to play. From there, a life- long journey of musical exploration began. His formal studies in classical piano laid strong musical foundations, but it’s in the worlds of musical theatre, jazz and soul where Benjamin began to find himself and flourish as an artist. In his early career, Benjamin toured extensively as a performer throughout Australia, Japan, and the United States, and has written for, musically directed and coached numerous productions and solo artists back home in Sydney. In 2010 he stepped away from his professional career in music, though never stopped writing and playing. After an almost 10-year hiatus, Benjamin returned to the studio as a self-produced writer, vocalist and multi- instrumentalist, releasing new music under the artist name Benjamin Peter.

Illustrated Mountains
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