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Book, Music & Lyrics by
Justin Anthony Long
Original Arrangements by
Noah Prizant


Big Ass Secret


Jimmy is an average high school student who writes in his private journal about a big ass secret. It’s something he’s known about himself since he was eight years old, but hasn’t had the courage to tell anyone. When he leaves his journal behind in class for anyone to find, Jimmy's whole world turns upside down.


Cast Size

3m, 2f




High School




Friendship, Love, Heartache, LGBTQ+, Coming Out, Keeping Secrets

Target Audience

Teens, Adults, Any Age




Additional Resources

Accompaniment Tracks, Alternate Lower Keys for songs “Big Ass Secret” and “So This is Love”



Casting Information

JIMMY - teen male, White, an unassuming teen with a big ass secret, pop tenor or baritenor

TYLER - teen male, Black, an athletic teen, pop tenor or baritenor

OLIVIA - teen female, Latina, a studious, gossipy teen, pop mezzo

BANITA - teen female, Indian, an emo goth socialized loner teen, pop mezzo

TIMOTHY OUYANG - teen male, East Asian or Mixed, a stylishly dressed, handsome teen, pop

tenor or baritenor

*Characters are diverse American teenagers.


Big Ass Secret
00:00 / 03:05
The Best Of Me
00:00 / 02:08
The Best Of Me Reprise
00:00 / 00:39
So This Is Love
00:00 / 02:03
Casting & Songs


Production History

Big Ass Secret with book, music & lyrics by Justin Anthony Long and arrangements by Noah

Prizant, first premiered in 2022 at the Lee Strasberg Theatre as part of the Hollywood Short +

Sweet Festival. The production was directed by Ryan O’Connor with music direction by Justin

Anthony Long. 

The cast:

Jayden Maddux...........Jimmy

Charlie Towle......Tyler

Carmina Garay.......Olivia

Tanner Cox......Banita

David Bautista.......Timothy

The production won Best Director and Festival Director Award for Special Achievement went to

the cast.

The next year, it was presented at Merkin Hall in NYC for Theatre Now’s SOUND BITES 2023

on May 8th, 2023. This production was directed by Josh Walden with music direction by Justin

Anthony Long. The cast was as follows:

Joe Montoya......Jimmy

Marcus Antonio......Tyler

Nicole Abarca Powell.....Olivia

Beatriz Coronel.....Banita

Gage Thomas......Timothy

*A 90-minute full length version of Big Ass Secret is in the works.

Production History
Author's Bios

Author Bios

Illustrated Mountains

JUSTIN ANTHONY LONG is an actor, writer, and songwriter. His debut pop song, “Gone Forgotten Year,” was an Official Selection of the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival.Justin’s Queer coming-of-age 10-minute musical, Big Ass Secret, was an Official selection of Theatre Now’s 2023 Sound Bites Festival & Finalist in the 2022 Hollywood Short + Sweet Festival. Additional 10-minute musicals include Cookie Soireé (Sound Bites Audience Choice Best Musical), Mission to the Moon, Jake & Lindsay (Davenport Finalist), and The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (Sound Bites Audience Choice Best Musical) with composer Ge Enrique. Other works include Welcome to Shoofly (ASCAP/DreamWorks MT Workshop), City of Dreams (NY Times, USA Today, IndieWire), The Jewel Box (2023 Raindance Film Festival Finalist), Flophouse (2023 Rhinebeck Writers Retreat Finalist), “The CBS Song” (CBS Sketch Comedy Showcase), and Benjamin Franklin & the Legend of the Vajra (LiveReadLA Winner). His songs have been presented at 54 Below, The Bourbon Room Hollywood, Catalina Jazz Club, and the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. Justin is a member of ASCAP, The Dramatists Guild, and Actors’ Equity Association. Find him on IG & TikTok @justinanthonylong or visit

Illustrated Mountains

NOAH PRIZANT is an avid music producer, songwriter, instrumentalist and coincidentally also a medical student. While he has written and produced pop music for many years, he has recently begun to explore the world of theater and film, including producing and orchestrating "Journey to Namuh", a musical short film performed by The Miracle Project. You can find his original music as 'Noah Prince' on all platforms.

Illustrated Mountains
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