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WET November 20th Poster.png


Aleca Piper (June) 

Miranda Hall (Londyn)

Mariyea (Kiesha)

Milo Longenecker and Tabitha Chester (Mars)

Peyton Bristol (Gallery Owner/Boss Lady/Whyte Girl/Other Whyte Girl)

with Mayadevi Ross reading stage directions


Photo: Janelle Lawrence

Why YOU should donate: 

Well don't you want to be WET? If that's not enough of a reason, you should think about this:

1) Almost all of these actors have been with this piece since it's zoom development days. They deserve to be paid for their development and also get to live our this playlist LIVE

2) less than 1% of shows on Broadway feature the narrative of a Black Queer FEMME - so often (and beautifully so) we see the narrative of Black Men and Black Queer Men (on the rise and givingg!) but as James Boldin AND Martin Luther King remind us, Black "women" are the most endangered group in the United States, we should be seeing more of their narratives. 

3) If you donate you receive a personal invitation to all "invited" or open showings! 


A New Musical
by Janelle Lawrence

How hard do you love? How deep is your love? Can you resist getting wet? Meet June, a young Black Queer Femme working a soul sucking day job and searching for her person. Supported by her best friends Londyn and Keisha, June collides into Mars and her whole world spins out of control. 


I started writing WET March 5th of 2020; a hybrid of a play and a playlist, leaning on both-of my strong skills. Throughout the quarantine I presented 15 page excerpts of WET once a month over zoom with Poetic Theater Productions. The zoom readings, incredible! The process of trying to incorporate the music over zoom, CHAOS! I presented WET with the help of  Poetic Theater Productions Open Sessions. NYFA: Artist Corps Grant, The Dramatist Guild with Friday Night Lights, and National Black Theatre Mirco Development Workshops. Thank you for letting me play outside my boxes.  Their feedback as friends and collaborators, has brought my work into a reality and into accountability; where the actors saw themselves, my friends saw me, and the way I was writing myself out of misogyny, gender expectations, and intersectional and interracial relationships. At the talkback, the most used words were relatable and eye opening. This quarantine born baby is complicated, Queer, and brings about the chaotic mid twenties energy we all remember!

WET Needs Your Help: 

We would like to hold a 5 day workshop for WET in combination with WOW Cafe Theatre and the support of donations through Theatre Now.


The breakdown of funds we raise is:

6 Actors make $375 each 

Tabitha Chester

Aleca Piper

Milo Longnecker

Miranda Hall

Peyton Bristol

And one member to be confirmed


1 Director makes $600

Jordana De La Cruz


1 Music Director makes $500

To be finalized


1 Stage Manager makes $400

To be finalized


Workshop Venus $400

WOW Cafe Theatre 


Composer/Playwright makes $475

Janelle Lawrence 

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