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Our Musical Writers Lab is a community of musical theatre writing teams who meet regularly to work on the development of new musicals through Lab presentations, sharing their process and offering support. Lab members benefit additionally from Theatre Now that includes developmental productions, publishing and licensing. This is a highly skilled, active, and collaborative group focused on embracing and fostering the diversity of musical theatre styles, forms, and creators.

About Theatre Now New York


Theatre Now is an artist service organization dedicated to the development, production, publication, and circulation of short and long-form musicals, by providing ongoing support for writers and their work in order to nurture voices and forms that push the boundaries of musical theatre. 



Theatre Now bridges the gap between early readings and fully-produced theatrical runs by offering staged and performed developmental productions to pieces that are ready to live on their feet. We strive for continuity and growth in our production process by collaborating with artists on story development through song and dialogue, and focusing on their prospective audience. Theatre Now furthers the visibility of our alumni writers with opportunities for networking, publication, and future production. In addition, we embrace musical properties we’ve produced as their theatrical licensor, offering them for productions in schools, colleges, communities, and other theatre venues across the country. By providing the support for rising artists and original forms to thrive, we entice unexpected audiences to experience the emerging voices of musical theatre.

For more information or questions contact:

Thomas Morrissey

Artistic Director


Kyle Acheson

Jonathan Bauerfeld

Paul Cozby

Ethan Crystal

Sam De Roest

Henco Espag

Michael Finke

Jonathan Eric Foster

Dylan J Glatthorn

Jonathan Keebler

Steve Wallace

Kenny Harmon

Bob Kelly

Casey Kendall

Will Lacker

Jonathon Lynch

Kathy Ng

Garrett Poladian

Joshua Stenseth

Matt Patrick Walsh

Juliana Wheeler

Lindsay Zaroogian

A. J. Freeman 

Jaime Jarrett

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