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Book & Lyrics by Eric C. Jones
Music by Joshua Servel Davis

Dark Comedy

White Man's Burden


An extremely dark parody of the murders of unarmed Black men, told through the conceit of a TV commercial for a compilation CD that has a racist title. The deadly tunes on this CD, which sells for $29.99, include the crooning "Ballad of Emmitt Till," "The Summer of '64," "Jasper Rose" and the rap "The Streets of Bensonhurst." The songs spotlight the lives of true to life victims of hate crimes, James Chaney, Yusef Hawkins, James Byrd Jr. And Emmitt Till. And the Hits keep coming and coming.


Cast Size



15 Min.


A TV Commercial.


Politicar Satire


Race Relationships, Murder, Commercialism, Police Violence, African American Culture, Community

Target Audience

Appropriate for ages 13+


Pop/Rock, Hip-Hop, NeoSoul, Doo-Wap, Motown R&B and Musical Theater



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Casting Information

  • MIKEY MIKE: African American Male, Early 30's Tenor, and host of the music informercial series Yesteryear Media


    • JAMES BYRD JR: African American Male, Early 40's Baritone-Tenor was killed in Jasper, Texas in 1998.

    • JAMES CHENEY: African American Male, Late 20's Tenor, was killed in 1964

    • EMMETT TIL: African American Male, Early Teens, High Tenor, Dired in 1955

    • YUSSEF HAWKINS: African American Male, Late Teens, Baritone/ Hip Hop Rap Skills, He died in 1989.


    • MICHAEL SCHWERNER: White Male, Early 30's, 2nd Tenor, was killed in 1964

    • ANDREW GOODMAN: White Male, Early 20's, High Tenor was killed in 1964


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Casting & Songs


Production History

“White Man’s Burden” premiered at 5 X 15 New Musicals Fest in Cleveland Ohio on February Merkin Hall, NYC, on February 17-21, 2021, as part of a collaboration with Bruce Wallace University Musical Theatre School. The show earned several raves from the local Cleveland Newspapers.

Book: Eric C. Jones

Lyrics: Eric C. Jones

Music: Joshua Servel Davis

Director: Nathan Henry

Music Director: Ed Ridley, Jr.

Editior: Brendan McCann


Dar’jon Bentley - James Byrd Jr.

Jack Hale - Andrew Goodman

Binden Harvey - James Chaney

Godia Hayes - Mikey Mike

Makay Johnson  - Yusseff Hawkins

Will Lamb - Michael Schwerner

Zach Mackiewicz - Player

Charles Mayhew Miller - Emmett Till

JT Snow - Player

Production History
Author's Bios

Author Bios

Illustrated Mountains

ERIC C. JONES is a NAMT 15 Minute Musical Challenge Wnner in 2020 for White Man’s Burden. Eric Jones (BOOK WRITER & LYRICIST) is a Medford, Massachusetts born, Minnesota &Texas raised artist. Mr. Jones is a graduate of Texas Southern University; B.S. Pharmacy. He has been involved with the Christian theater circuit since 1995 as a writer, actor, director and composer. Writing credits includes: Untapped Potential, Wolf Man Wedding, The Baked Potato Incident, Dreamland, American Skin, Freedom Quilt, Liberators and Fired! The Musical.Currently, Eric won 2nd Runner up for the Screenplay Competition at The Beverly Hills Film Festival 2016 for his screenplay Dreamland. His award-winning film he could wrote & produced Dreamland Murders film was selected to the Marche Du Cannes Short Film Showcase 2016 hosted by NWC Cinemas. Two Musicals got their premiere in 2018. Liberators: An American Musical at The Chicago Musical Theatre Festival & Three Crosses at Ensemble Theatre’s Stage Reading Series. “I would like to thank God, my family, WRIC church and the Houston Theater community.

Illustrated Mountains

JOSHUA SERVEL DAVIS is also a NAMT 15-Minute Muscal Chalenge Winner in 2020 for White Man’s Burden. Joshua S. Davis (COMPOSER) is an active composer, songwriter and playwright who commits his life to making the world a better place through his God-given talent. As a composer, he has written several original songs and arrangements in various genres such as choral, jazz pop/r&b/rock and gospel. In theater, he has written an original musical and has collaborated with other playwrights and lyricist throughout the U.S. He hopes to make a full-time living doing.

Illustrated Mountains
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