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Book, Music, & Lyrics by
Thicket & Thistle


What's Your Wish? (Full-Length)


Nicholas gets sucked into a magical storybook on his 16th birthday with his friend Brian and must seek the all-powerful Enchantress to return home. Aided by a friendly trash rat and a rebellious fairy, they'll discover the importance of trust, friendship, and sacrifice along the way. 

A 10-minute version of the show is also available for lincensing in the main menu. 


Cast Size

10+ (5M, 5F, Flex. Ensemble)


85 Min.


A suburban home and a magical forest, the present.


Fantasy, Adventure, Fables/Folktales


Friendship, Magic, Sacrifice, Trust

Target Audience

Kids and Young Adults


Musical Theatre,
Folk Americana


Flexible: Solo Piano. Guitar, mandolin, banjolele, flute, accordion, and auxiliary percussion.

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Casting Information

  • MCKENZIE: Unapologetically weird sister of Nicholas, goth, has a big crush on Brian. 

  • DIANA: A single, harried, caring mom, mid-30s. 

  • BRIAN: A down-to-earth, impulsive boy, mature looking for his age, 16. 

  • DONALD: Diana’s serious boyfriend, professionally dressed, 30s. A deeply good man. 

  • FAIRY: A rebellious fairy who has lost her wings. Servant to the Enchantress. 

  • ENCHANTRESS: The powerful and power-hungry Queen of the Forest. 

  • OLD VERN: A lonely, eccentric large rat with a heart of gold who lives in the trash. 

  • RUFUS: An ominous large, squawking crow. Servant to the Enchantress. 

  • DYING UNICORN: A sickly, injured Unicorn with a bleak outlook but a joyful voice. 

  • FOREST CRITTERS: A group of forest dwellers who act as the ensemble and can be any kind of mythical forest creatures.

  • NICHOLAS: A smart, gullible boy, slight build, 16.

A NOTE ON DOUBLE-CASTING: Characters may be doubled as such:





Dark Spirit Of The Ancient Soil
00:00 / 02:13
When You're 16
00:00 / 04:10
What's Your Wish?
00:00 / 03:15
Three Best Friends
00:00 / 03:07
Casting & Songs


Production History

  • Sound Bites, Theatre Now New York - December 2014 *WINNER Best Music and Best Actor (Sam DeRoest)

  • Fringe NYC, Fringe Al Fresco - June 2015

  • Access Theatre - February 2016

  • Chekhov Theatre, Michael Chekhov Theatre Festival - May 2016

  • West End Theatre, Theatre Now New York - December 2016

  • Acorn Theatre, New York Musical Theatre Festival - July 2018 *NOMINATED Best Actor (Joshua Stenseth) and Best Director (Jonathan Foster)

Production History
Author's Bios

Author Bios

Illustrated Mountains

THICKET & THISTLE is a troop of theatre makers who weave their multidisciplinary creative skills, imaginative storytelling, and humble virtuosity to create original, charming, and accessible musical theatre in which the actors are also the musicians playing multiple instruments while singing, dancing, and acting. Formed in early 2014, the current members are: Kyle Acheson, Julianna Wheeler, Jonathan Foster, Sam De Roest, Lindsay Zaroogian, and Joshua Stenseth. Thicket & Thistle’s first creation was a ten minute musical, What’s Your Wish?, for Theatre Now New York’s Sound Bites 2.0 festival. They then developed What’s Your Wish? to a full musical and performed it at the NY Fringe Fest in 2015, Access Theatre in 2016, The Michael Chekhov Festival in 2016, and NYMF in 2018. In 2015, Thicket & Thistle performed The Waterman at Ars Nova for their Summer ANT Fest, and the following year, they began developing their 3rd original musical, Death Cruise which played at Access Theatre and the PIT in 2019. In 2022 they remounted The Waterman at The Players Theatre. Thicket & Thistle is excited to be the first theatre company to regularly create a brand new musical in the time span of 24 hours LIVE! These have led to the creation of their short form musicals: There's a Problem in Blue Ball Pennsylvania, The Great Escape from The Boogaloogavoo Zoo, and We Whisk You A Merry Christmas! Thicket & Thistle has enjoyed residencies with Access Theatre, The PIT Theatre, The Players Theatre, and Theatre Now New York’s Musical Theatre Writers Lab.

Illustrated Mountains
Illustrated Mountains
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