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Book & Lyrics by
Kenny Harmon
Music by
Steve Wallace


Humpty's Hatching Day


Everyone knows how Humpty Dumpty’s story ended, but why did Humpty climb the wall in the first place?  Spend ten minutes with Humpty, Jack Sprat (Humpty’s best friend), Jill (Humpty’s secret crush), Itsy Bitsy Spider (Humpty’s frenemy), and Black Sheep (DJ extraordinaire), on the most important day (and night) of a young Egg’s life.


Cast Size

5 (3m, 2f)*


10 Min.


A magical kingdom.




Friendship, Love, Heartache, Confidence, Self-Discovery

Target Audience

Teens, Adults, Any Age


90’s Hip Hop/R&B



Additional Resources

Instrumental Tracks for Performance, Sheet music and Performance Tracks.



Casting Information

  • HUMPTY DUMPTY (HUMPTY or HUMP), a shy yet lovable Egg waiting to hatch and become a strong, confident bird (R&B tenor range)

  • JACK SPRAT, Humpty's best friend (R&B baritone or baritenor)

  • JILL, Humpty's friend and secret crush (R&B mezzo or soprano)

  • ITSY BITSY SPIDER (BITSY), a wily trickster who means well...or do they (legit, pop, or R&Bsoprano)

  • BLACK SHEEP, the best DJ and hip-hop hype person (non-singing, could be any voice type but enthusiasm and rapping is a must)

*Aside from Jack and Jill, the rest of the characters are not gender specific. Casting can be diverse but respectful of the musical style and culture.


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Casting & Songs


Production History

Humpty’s Hatching Day first premiered in 2021 in an animated version (available for viewing via YouTube) for the virtual edition of the Theater Now’s SOUND BITES 7.0 ten-minute musical festival.  The   animations weredone by Reginald William Butler.

The cast featured the voices of:

Chester Gregory - Humpty

Esjae - Jack

Angela S. Arnold (Asa) - Jill

Kaylin Lee ClintonItsy - Bitsy

Charles Burks - Black Sheep

The animated film won a REMI award in the Animated Short category at The WorldFest Houston Film Festival in 2022.

Humpty’s Hatching Day was performed in a fully-staged production for the 7.0 SOUND BITES festival in person in 2022. The production was directed by Charles Burks.

The cast was as follows:

Barry Pringle - Humpty

Jamaal Williams - Jack

Berlande Millus - Jill

Lesly De GrootItsy - Bitsy

Amoria Burks Black - Sheep

Production History
Author's Bios

Author Bios

Illustrated Mountains

STEVE WALLACE is an award-winning singer and composer from Chicago IL. He is a member of Theater Now’s Writer’s Lab and most recently the winner of “The Harrington Award” for creativity as a composer with  BMI’s Lehman Engel Workshop for composers and lyricists. His professional expertise incorporates a plethora of genres and styles from Soul, Hip Hop, Blues, and Classical and in the span of his career, Mr. Wallace has produced, performed and written on hundreds of albums. He has, and continues to compose scores for television and film including networks such as MTV, BET, NBC, and his score for the film Four Seasons won the award for best musical score at the 2021 Diversity at Cannes film showcase. Steve also created an arrangement of Lift Every Voice and Sing for the NAACP, worked with Sony Music, The Universal Music Group, and he was the producer, composer and arranger for the song for the theme of the United Nations’s “Humanitarian Day” Be A Humanitarian that was also in the running for a Grammy Award. Mr. Wallace premiered his chamber opera based on a song by the rapper, Nas called Undying Love this past November at the Kehrein Center in Chicago to great acclaim and the music from the opera was highlighted on Classical WFMT in February of 2022. Steve Wallace has written a book of 14 art songs, 2 symphonies, 4 operas, a variety of chamber works and 4 musicals, of which the animated musical Humpty’s Hatching Day was a REMI award winner at The WorldFest Houston Film Festival. The groundbreaking R&B Opera/film musical Hal King that Mr. Wallace created, composed, and produced was released on Feb 9th 2021, distributed by Gravitas Ventures and was a nominee for “Best Diaspora Feature” at the African Movie Academy Awards 2021 in Lagos Nigeria. Find him on IG @stevewstudio1 or visit

Illustrated Mountains

KENNY HARMON has written the book and lyrics for musicals including Humpty’s Hatching Day (TNNY Soundbites Festival and REMI winner for Animated Short), New York Royalty and Unconventional Comets for Brooklyn Children’s Theater, and the upcoming Dantes, a hip-hop opera adaptation of the The Count of Monte Cristo, and Bah! Bah! Black Sheep!, an upcoming prequel to Humpty’s Hatching Day. He also wrote lyrics to original songs for Reading Rainbow Live!. He has written lyrics for original choral works, art songs and arias, and cabaret parody songs. He is a member of the BMI Workshop and the Theater Now (TNNY) Musical Theater Lab. Find him on IG @kennykenyc.

Illustrated Mountains
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