Cookie Soiree

Book and Lyrics by Justin Anthony Long, Music by Ge Enrique, Concept by Jonathan Lee

Raquel, Sandy, and Gretl are so close to selling enough cookies to earn their cookie badges when two local thugs steal their cash box. They may just be kids, but these three scouts prove that even the smallest packages can pack a huge punch!



Cast Size

2m, 3f


10 Mins


Various locations in Sugarland, Texas, April, 2012


Gun Use, Mild Language




Resilience, Youth Empowerment, Friendship, Teamwork

Target Audience

Teen (Age 16 - 18), Young Adult (Age 18 - 23), Adult


Contemporary Musical Theatre



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Raquel, Gretel, & Sandy are three twelve-year-old girl scouts in Sugarland, Texas. Today, they’re selling their cookies in a Walmart parking lot. “Cookies For Sale” They need to sell at least two-hundred dollars worth of cookies by 3pm to earn their cookie badges!

They’re on track to earn their new badge when two local teen thugs, Brody & Marcus, spot the scouts and decide to teach them a lesson by robbing them. “HEY GIRLS” As the thugs drive off with their money, the scouts are devastated, left in the parking lot to ponder the cruel world they live in and how, as kids, they are helpless…“WE’RE JUST KIDS”...or are they?

On the road, Brody & Marcus count their money and celebrate. Little do they know, the scouts are hot on their trail, scooting after them on scooters, whip and bow and arrow in hand. They’re ready to fight for what is rightfully theirs. They chase the thugs and teach THEM a lesson they’ll never forget. “GIRL SCOUT GUERRILA ATTACK”

With the thugs defeated, the scouts stand triumphant with their money in hand. They may just be kids, but they are strong! “WE’RE JUST KIDS(reprise)” The thugs run off and the girls celebrate their accomplishment. 

The next day, the scouts all have cookie badges and are once again selling cookies in the Walmart parking lot. “COOKIES FOR SALE(reprise)” When two new thugs, Billy & Derek, try to rob them, the scouts whip out their new guns, issuing a warning. The thugs run away. The girls celebrate their collective power. 


Casting Information

  • RAQUEL: Female Identifying, Latina or African American. 12 years old. Leader of the girl scouts. She takes her job seriously and keeps the other girls on task. Raquel helps the girls “do the right thing” when they get robbed.

  • GRETEL: Female Identifying, Caucasian. 12 years old. She’s usually seeking the group’s approval doing whatever she can to fit in. Gretel has a lot of heart, but won’t hesitate to kick you in the face with her combat boots if you mess with her or her friends. She’s crushing hard on Sandy and may or may not realize.

  • SANDY: Female Identifying, Asian-American. An enthusiastic scout with wacky marketing ideas. She’s an excellent shot with a bow and arrow and won’t hesitate to kick your butt if you get in between her and her friends or money box.

  • BRODY/BILLY: Male Identifying, any ethnicity. 18 years old. A local thug who wants to teach the girl scouts that life isn’t always sweet and sunny. Billy is another thug.

  • MARCUS/DEREK: Male Identifying, any ethnicity. 18 years old. Brody’s friend, who steals the girls’ money box. A thug. Derek is another thug.


Cookies For Sale
00:00 / 01:50
Hey Kids
00:00 / 01:11
We're Just Kids
00:00 / 01:10
Girl Scout Guerilla Attack
00:00 / 01:43



Production History

  • 2012 - Ken Davenport’s 10-Minute Play Contest at Davenport Studios, NYC

*Contest Winner

  • 2014 - Theatre Now's SOUND BITES 2014

* Winner - Audience Choice Award Winner for Best Musical

Author Bios

JUSTIN ANTHONY LONG’s writing includes the comedy feature Benjamin Franklin & The Legend Of Dreams (LiveReadLA Winner), the musical web-series City Of Dreams (NY Times, USA Today, IndieWire, Playbill), the comedy musical Welcome To Shoofly (ASCAP/DreamWorks Musical Theatre Workshop with Stephen Schwartz), the short film Take Out (Top 10 AAFL), the short musical Jake & Lindsay (Davenport Finalist), and an original opening musical number for the CBS Sketch Comedy Diversity Showcase. With some of his collaborators, Justin made his songwriting debut at Feinstein’s/54 Below in The Opposite of Cool: The Songs of Lee, Long, & Burns. Also an actor, Justin has “gracefully” graced the stage and screen. Some credits include Mutt House (Center Theatre Group), Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (3-D Theatricals), The Brat Pack (For the Record), Mary Poppins (MPAC), the musical parody of Stephen King’s IT (Rockwell), and Martin Scorsese’s Oscar nominated film, The Wolf Of Wall Street. More info at (www.JustinAnthonyLong.com)  (@justinanthonylong)

GE ENRIQUE (They/Them) is a New York based actor, singer, writer, composer, music director, and piano bar entertainer, as well as a connoisseur of all things baked and an expert in cookies. Their favorite are, of course, Samoas. Ge has written music for three 10-minute musical performances with Justin Anthony Long: Cookie Soiree (Winner of the 2012 Ken Davenport 10-minute play/musical competition, 2014 Theatre Now’s SOUND BITES Audience Choice Award), Jake and Lindsay (Ken Davenport 10-minute musical finalist), and the opening number to a concept of The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (2017 SOUND BITES Audience Choice Award). They also won Outstanding Music at the 2008 Midtown International Theatre Festival for their additional music to Twist: The Musical (Book and lyrics by Gila Sand, Music by Paul Leschen). You can find more info about Ge on their website: www.geenrique.com


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