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Theatre Now is an artist-service organization dedicated to the development, production, publication, and circulation of short and full-length musicals, by providing ongoing support for writers and their work in order to nurture voices and forms that push the boundaries of musical theatre.


Through this first edition of First Look, Theatre Now presents a glimpse of five new musicals that are in development as part of Theatre Now’s Musical Writers Lab, a community of writing teams who meet bi-weekly to work on the development of new musicals through Lab presentations, sharing their process and offering support. Lab members in both the National and Local New York chapters benefit additionally from Theatre Now services including developmental productions, publishing and licensing. This is a highly skilled, active, and collaborative group focused on embracing and fostering the diversity of musical theatre styles, forms, and creators.



San is a new musical that tells the true life story of esteemed Mardi Gras designer San Nicholas from his impoverished childhood in the French Quarter, through his rise-and-fall fashion designer career on 7th Avenue, to his eventual crowning as King of Mardi Gras. 


About the Writers

David Gosz and Leo Fotos are TNNY Writers Lab members and BMI Lehman Engel MTW members. Works include TRU: a musical about mental health and community (2018 CMTF “Best Music”, 2019 Stage 773, streamable on all platforms), San: a musical about Mardi Gras designer, San Nicholas (2022 NMTC Semi-Finalist), "For You, Paige": the TikTok musical.


Bryan Munar as San Nicholas

Coulter Ibanez as Calvin

Kara Arena as New Orleanian / New Yorker

Elisa Galindez as New Orleanian / New Yorker

David Gosz as New Orleanian / New Yorker

Song List

Poor In New Orleans

To Somewhere

Someday Soon

The Dress

Poor In New Orleans (Reprise)

Don’t I?

To Be A Star

Fifty-Seventh and Seventh

Book, Music, & Lyrics by

David Gosz & Leo Fotos 


Book & Lyrics by Kenny Harmon

Music by Steve Wallace


Dantes is a musical adaptation of the great novel, “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas blending the classic tale of revenge with themes of race and colorism so prominent in Alexandre Dumas’ own life as a biracial man.The music blends the bel canto operatic form which was all the rage at the time of the novel’s release with the hip-hop beats that drive today’s music, drawing parallels musically and textually with the current issues of the day.


About the Writers

Kenny Harmon is a lyricist and librettist. He is a member of the BMI Musical Theater Workshop and the Theater Now New York’s Musical Writers’ Lab.  His work has been featured as part of the SOUND BITES festival and the Brooklyn Children’s Theater. 


Steve Wallace is a multi-award winning composer. Highlights include the BMI Harrington Award, “Best Score” at Diversity at Cannes, and for composing the theme for YO! MTV Raps (2022).  His critically acclaimed film musical Hal King (Amazon Prime), was nominated for “Best Diaspora Narrative” at the AMAA’s in Nigeria (2021).


Cedrick Ekra as Edmond Dantes

Ben McHugh as Gerard de Villefort

Rosharra Francis as Martine Danglars

Mark Peters as Abbe Faria

Song List

Act 1- Scene 2: The Office of Deputy Prosecutor, Gerard de Villefort 

Recit- “Dantes, too many parties in one night… We have a traitor“ (Dantes, Villefort)

Solo- “Let It Burn” (Villefort)

Duet- “My love… Give it all to me” (Villefort and Martine Danglars)

Act 1- Scene 4: Island Prison at Chateau D’if

Recit- “Treasure, an offer you can’t refuse…” (Abbe Faria, Dantes)

Duet- “Monte Cristo” (Abbe Faria, Dantes)

Recit- “So that’s it!” (Dantes)

Solo- “En Guarde!” (Dantes)

Christmas Eve.jpg


Karl Hedrick Accompaniment

Christopher Michaels as Narrator/Chub/Osip/Father Cherevik 

Kyle Minshew as Devil 

Sierra Rein as Solokha 

Chris Rothbauer as Vakula

Song List

In Dikanka/Christmas Eve

A Blacksmith in Love

A Woman Over Forty

The Only Man

My Soul for a Sole

I’ll Find You

In Dikanka (Finale)

Book, Music, & Lyrics by

Kit Goldstein Grant

Babes at Sea.jpg

Book, Music, & Lyrics by

Paul Cozby


In the tradition of madcap comedies of the day, young Navy lieutenants and student nurses during WWII, enemies at first, stumble their way toward each other. With the girls sneaking on a Navy warship dressed as sailors, that ship setting sail and just about everyone on board forced to reveal a hilarious secret in order to get back to shore.


About the Writers

Paul Cozby is an award-winning playwright and writes book, music and lyrics for his own original musicals, including Babes at Sea, Panther City and Cyranose! the Musical! Work being licensed now includes Wreck the Halls! Christmas Letters, Family and Fruitcakes. With Tom Hyndman, Paul co-wrote the musical parody Fictitious, selected for Theatre Now’s Sound Bites 10-Minute Musical Festival.


Nick Conner Music Direction

Evy Ortiz as Jenny Malloy

Carly Post as Trixie Devine

Hayden Stanes as Bobby Battles

Luke Sikora as Jinx Jamieson

Song List

Goodbye, Cleveland. Hello, More.

Ya Shoulda' Seen Your Face

Isn't That Just Like a Guy

Irish Prayer/When This War Is Over

Confession of a Gay Priest.jpg

Book & Lyrics by Jonathan Keebler

Music by Bob Kelly


Based on a memoir, the story follows a closeted gay man as he joins a seminary to become a Catholic priest and discovers its culture is gayer, more secretive, and more corrupt than he could have ever imagined.


About the Writers

Bob Kelly is a Minneapolis-based composer, pianist, and songwriter. Musicals include A Most Average Musical (with Jonathan Keebler and Talia Berger), gilgamesh & the mosquito (with Sam Chanse), and Waiting… a song cycle (with Kelly Pomeroy). His solo EP Open Road was released in 2021. More info at


Jonathan Keebler is an NYC-based lyricist and bookwriter. Notable works include A Most Average Musical, Gay Card, and Meet and Run. His work is licensed by MTI and Uproar Theatrics. He is a member of the Dramatist Guild. Get more info and hear more at


Kyle Sherman as Tom

Wade McCollum as Father Scott, Archbishop, Confessor & Choir

David Raposo as Pat, Confessor, Partygoer & Choir

Elisa Galindez as Narrator, Confessor, Partygoer & Choir

Song List

My Confessions (Confessors & Tom)

Who Cares (Tom)

Learn How to Drink (Father Scott & Partygoers)

Closer to Heaven (Tom & Pat)

Running (Archbishop, Choir, & Tom)

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