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SOUND BITES, now in its seventh year, is an Annual 10-Minute Musical Festival, which showcases eight 10-minute musicals, all in one evening. Any 10-minute piece that can be performed, has beginning, middle, and end story arch, and includes music qualifies! SOUND BITES offers an opportunity for talented musical theatre writers, composers, and lyricists to showcase their work in front of audiences and industry professionals. Through an open submission process, Theatre Now selects eight finalists for presentation in New York City each spring. During the first three years, SOUND BITES was held at The 47th Street Theatre. SOUND BITES 4.0 & 5.0 was presented at the Irene Diamond Stage at the Pershing Square Signature Center, and 6.0 was presented at Merkin Hall at Kaufman Music Center.


SOUND BITES continues not only to grow larger each year, but also to provide musical theatre writers with much needed opportunities to develop their work through performance.


SOUND BITES is a springboard towards future ongoing work with writers we meet, work with and are vetted through the program. Future work with writers may include further development and production of full-length pieces, licensing of musical theatre works to schools, other professional theatre companies and community theatres and the publication of musical theatre works.

Theatre Now’s Musical Writers Lab

Our long term and ongoing support of writers is accomplished through our Musical Theatre Writers Lab which is open to musical theatre writing teams by invitation only, many of whom we are first introduced to through their participation in SOUND BITES. Through a highly selective application and interview process a limited number of musical theatre writing teams are asked to join the lab. Resources and support provided for Lab members may be in the form of rehearsal space, setting deadlines, legal services or any number of tangible and intangible assets offered and made available. Depending on the stage and level of development the lab offers its members early table reads of new work, sit-down readings with invited audiences of pieces later in development and staged industry readings for those ready for major production.


Within that process lab members may submit their full-length musicals for developmental workshops produced by Theatre Now. These workshops are fully produced and presented in an off-off-Broadway theatre over the course of 3-6 performances. Following a successful workshop other performance based developmental productions may be arranged with longer runs produced by Theatre Now, co-productions with other companies or in association with theatres outside of NY.