Unfortunately due to COVID-19 Theatre Now has decided to cancel all shows. We value the health and well being of our staff, artists and patrons above all and we believe this is the responsible thing to do at this time.


If you have already purchased tickets you should be receiving an email shortly regarding your refund options, or you may contact us directly at tickets@tnny.org




  Book & Lyrics                                                       Music

        Casey Kendall                                          Jonathan Bauerfeld

Orchestrations and Vocal Arrangements

Jonathan Bauerfeld ​

Choreographer                                                     Director

        Ambika Raina​                                                  Henry Nettleton

Tuesday March 24 thru

Saturday March 28, 2020

*Musical excerpts presented on Sunday February 23 at 6pm 

Location: Pangea Restaurant and Bar

After a short lifetime of battling opiate addiction and burning bridges, Tess Butler is dead.  Now, it is up to twelve people from her life to come together and decide whether or not she’s worth saving.  Tess can only bear witness as they reconstruct her life, uncovering secrets, confronting hard truths, and slowly reaching a consensus.

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Book & Lyrics by Kathy Ng, Music by Henco Espag

Directed by Benita De Wit & Music Directed by Isaac Hayward


Thursday April 30 at 7pm thru

Sunday May 3, 2020

*Musical excerpts presented on Sunday April 26 at 6pm Location: TBA


Maggot Boi is about consumption. It is genre-bending fever dream that follows the disintegration of a human family as they walk the dangerous line between predator and prey, human and bug, parasite and host. It features an avant-garde, impressionistic, and contemporary operatic score in which the natural rawness of the human voice is treated as an integrated instrument within the orchestration. Come contemplate with us on the absolute discomfort of physical existence! 

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Book, Music & Lyrics by Ethan Crystal & Garrett Poladian


Thursday July 30 thru

Sunday Aug 2, 2020

*Musical excerpts presented on Sunday May 24 at 6pm Location: TBA

Golem Owned a Tropical Smoothie tells the story of Ian (a regular high school kid) and Kyle (a stoner college dropout) working at a Tropical Smoothie in Panama City Beach, Florida. Together, along with Ian’s older sister Gabby, they explore love, life, weed, smoothies, and what it means to grow up. Oh...and their boss is Golem.

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Tickets for GOLEM go on sale to the public beginning Monday June 15