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Submissions due: 11/29/21

Final callbacks: week of 12/13/21

First rehearsal: 1/18/22

Opening: 2/11/22

Closing: 2/26/22

The Jury

Producer: Theatre Now New York

Artistic Director: Thomas Morrissey

Director: Henry Nettleton

Music: Jonathan Bauerfeld

Book and Lyrics: Casey Kendall

Choreographer: Ambika Raina

Casting Director: Erik Schark

Contract: Equity Showcase (pending approval)

Salary: $750 flat fee stipend for the entire production

Venue: Gural Theatre,

502 W 53rd St, NYC 10019

The Jury is a contemporary musical about addiction, life, death, and redemption.

 THEATRE NOW  has a history of moving new musicals from inception to production, and the focus of much of the rehearsal process will be on shaping this piece. It is the desire of the creative team to continue to rehearse and revise throughout the run. Specifically seeking performers with the flexibility and desire to be part of this show's creation and evolution.  


Please email a headshot and resume to by 11/29/21. Initial auditions will be held virtually. Callbacks will be in person the week of 12/13/21. All cast and crew will be required to be fully vaccinated by that date. In-person rehearsals will begin 1/18/22 and will generally be from 10am-3pm. Due to the developmental nature of this piece, some rehearsals may be requested during the run. 


As this is a developing piece, all characters' vocal ranges are flexible. The style is contemporary musical theatre. Actively seeking a diverse cast. Actors of all race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, and background as well as actors with disabilities are strongly encouraged to submit. 




TESS (Female identifying, 26, any ethnicity) 

Abrasive, with a hardened exterior that barely covers her deep vulnerabilities and self- destructive tendencies. Hiding behind a dark sense of humor and a bleak bluntness, Tess struggles to hold on to who she was before the opiates took hold. 

Vocal range: Belter, G3 - Eb5 


HELEN  (Female identifying, 45+, any ethnicity) 

Tired and hurt by Tess, Helen is at her emotional wit’s end. She has always considered herself a good mother and does everything she can to provide for her children. Years of judgement by those around her has left her closed off, and she remains composed and maybe even cold to protect herself. 

Vocal range: Alto with belt, A3 - D5 


IZZE  (Female identifying or Non-Binary, 29, any ethnicity) 

Punk, yet weirdly chill. They are not afraid to state hard truths, which goes nicely with their dry sense of humor. A former addict and Tess’s ex-spouse, Izze sacrificed their relationship in order to stay clean. 

Vocal range: B3 - C#5 (Belted) E5 (Head voice) 


OFFICER COUSINS  (Male identifying, 25-45, any ethnicity) 

Cousins sees the world in simple terms. Any idealism has been squeezed out of him after years of working as a police officer. Every day, he sees people having the worst day of their life, which means he can’t afford to take sympathy on anyone or it’ll never end. He’s got a job, and that’s to uphold the law. 

Vocal range: Baritenor: A2 - A4 


MARIAH  (Female identifying, 44, any ethnicity) 

Mariah, or Mrs. Griffin as she’s known to her 5th graders, barely keeps herself together. Perfectly nice and a wonderful teacher, inside she’s angry. She blames Tess for her daughter Fiona’s death. 

Vocal range: Flexible. (Solo, A3 - E5) 


GABE  (Male identifying, 27, any ethnicity) 

A gentle warmth and newly discovered sense of justice. As a complete stranger to Tess, he feels out of place in the room, but stubbornly sticks to his principles despite pushback from the rest. He works a part-time job and keeps his CPR certification regular, but beyond that, Gabe hasn’t made much of an impact on the world. 

Vocal range: Flexible   


MASON  (Male identifying, 25, any ethnicity) 

A washed-up, two-bit drug dealer in a onesie. As unlikely a criminal as you might find, Mason deflects all introspection with a sarcastic aloofness. An active user with aspirations of getting clean someday, he selfishly believes saving Tess, his childhood crush and the first person to get him to try drugs, might kill him. Disrespectful to authority, but ultimately a good person if things had gone different. 

Vocal Range: Tenor A2 - G4 


MAYA  (Female identifying, 24, any ethnicity) 

The quiet kid from school that you wonder about years later when you see them in your suggested friends. Shy only on first impression, she opens up at the first sign of kindness. Also an addict, she fell into drug use after a tough upbringing. Empathetic to a fault, and kind to  everyone but herself. Used to feeling invisible. 

Vocal Range: Mezzo with a belt: Ab3 - Db5 (Belted) E5 (Head voice)